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Game modes

If you want to learn more about Halo 2 game modes and a little tip from frankie, go to bungie.net now.

New halo2.com lay out

Ok everyone. This is ALNS. Im here reporting that Halo2.com now has a new layout. massive interactive website. You have to have your popups enabled. There is alot of new things. And some secret things about the site and information. New stuff includes pictures of some of the new vehicles, human and covie. The weapons that we know about and how they sound. There is alot of stuff there and I cant tell you all of it. So go take a look for yourself at halo2.com

Halo2 Piracy

Someone has released a copy of Halo2 on the internet. Microsoft has unleashed a big investigation. If you find anything out about the copy report to bungie.net or microsoft and give the info to them. -RED CHEEKS

What your not getting

Recently in OXM (Official XBOX magazine) it was reported that There will be no level editer, no ATV (handled too much like real life one. unweildy, hard to control, and not fun) but the good news is that there will constantly be new content to download for halo 2. So maybe the ATV will relive and maybe bungie will get a level editor made for the common idiot. thats all for now. ALIEN LORD

New Poll

There is a new poll up at absolute halo right now. So who is your favorite character from Halo? Well, what are you waiting for, go vote!

New Halo Action Figures

You may have seen or bought the action figures from the x-box game Halo. In the fall there will be some new action figures from the sequel Halo2. Check joyridestudios.com for more info.

New stuff.

We have alot of new pictures in the galleries that have just been uploaded. including some fan art pics. a picture of the new turret. and the handheld minigun that never got loaded into the game.

Halo2 Realease Date

Halo2 fans there is exactly three months and eight days till the release of Halo2. Be checking your calender Halo2 comes out November 9 2004.

AbsoluteHALO - Open for Business

AbsoluteGamerzNetwork is proud to announce the latest addition to our family. AbsoluteHALO A site dedicated to your favourite game with all the functionality you can expect from your favourite gaming network! Look around, read the articles, browse the gallery and send in your own stuff to post!!! Submit pictures to the gallery, review the game, write and article; anything you like to share your thoughts on the game. With HALO 2 release date fast approaching we will keep you informed on all the latest developments.

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